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10 Fates That Can Befall Your Business

Shows like 'Shark Tank' have spread a common misconception.

Barbara Roberts, entrepreneur-in-residence at Columbia Business School, serves as a board member and consultant to family-owned and venture-backed private companies and consults to families on succession planning; she also chairs peer learning groups and runs succession planning workshops. Roberts believes that television shows like Shark Tank have spread the misconception that growing a company ... Read more

Family conversations—via text, email, Skype or phone?

When it’s time to herd your kids into the car, do you (a) knock on their bedroom doors and tell them to come downstairs, (b) stand at the bottom of the stairs and yell, or (c) send them a text message? A feature in the Wall Street Journal last month examined a household practice that is not all that new, and most likely growing -- families who communicate with each other by texting from room... Read more

4th Generation Tire Business Thrives With Unbreakable Bond

Tim Currie, third-generation owner of Currie’s Tires in Norwalk, Conn., runs the business with his sons, Adam and Tim Jr. Tim was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005 and with liver cancer two years later. He has declined chemotherapy and has opted instead for natural remedies — and to pursue his passion for music by starting a band, Tim Currie and the Motown Revue, whose gigs benefit charitable causes.

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Sept/Oct 2015

  • The independent chairman
  • The challenges of long-term planning in a family business environment
  • Look beyond your personal network to recruit top-level board members
  • Your family brand: your biggest asset
  • Taking the leap

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October 28

PwC Mid-Atlantic Family Business Forum

November 4-5

Introduction to Family Enterprises and Their Competitive Advantages

November 4-6

Transitions West 2015

November 12-13

“Breaking Barriers and Strengthening Communication in Families and Businesses”: Regular Program

November 12

“Leadership and Healthy Sibling Partnerships: The Almost Impossible Dream”

November 13-14

“Breaking Barriers and Strengthening Communication in Families and Businesses”: NxG Program

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