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Business owners often ask me for referrals to family business resources. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Where can I find statistics on family businesses' economic impact? Data on the prevalence of family businesses and their economic impact are posted on the website of the Family Firm Institute at

Can you refer me to a family business adviser? Family Business Magazine offers a Directory of Advisers, both in print and online, that's searchable by professional specialty as well as by region. The online version includes links to the advisers' websites.

Would Family Business Magazine publish my dissertation or research study? As a business-to-business publication, Family Business does not publish academic research. Research findings on family enterprise are published in Family Business Review and the Journal of Family Business Strategy.

I'm a business owner based outside the U.S. Where can I find networking resources? Information on family businesses outside the U.S. is available via the Family Business Network, a global association. See

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