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Featured Family Business Speakers

Debbie S. Brown
Debbie S. Brown

Chairman of the Board, Laird Norton Company

James (Jim) Warjone
James (Jim) Warjone

Chairman of the Board, Port Blakely Companies

Don Freeman
Don Freeman

Chairman, Freeman

Sam Gault
Sam Gault

President, Gault Energy & Stone

Barb Quasius
Barb Quasius

Treasurer and CFO, Windway Capital Corp.

Louis P. Gentine
Louis P. Gentine

Chairman, Sargento Foods Inc.

Andrew C. Taylor
Andrew C. Taylor

Executive Chairman, Enterprise Holdings

The conference for family businesses by family businesses

Transitions West 2014 will focus on the theme of honoring the past and securing the future of the family enterprise, with sessions on:

  • Passing the torch:  Planning a financial transition to the next generation
  • Family leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Creating the successful family meeting
  • Using company anniversaries to celebrate and grow the business
  • Raising kids successfully in a successful family business

Focus sessions on:

  • Family social media policy
  • Family employment policies and compensaton
  • Mentoring the next generation
  • Communicatons, conflict and conciliation
  • Wealth management
  • Taxes, trusts and estate planning
  • The transition from family-run to family-owned 

This conference is for family companies and enterprises of all sizes and ages.  

Special Bonus:  To extend and enhance conference learning, all attendees will receive a free one year's subscription to Family Business Magazine (or a one-year extension to their current subscription).  Subscription includes access to Family Business' online archive of more than 700 articles, organized by topic.

We continually strive to enhance your conference experience:

  • Optional prescheduled individual meetings with other family business owners or experts.
  • Special interest group meetings for those who would like to meet to discuss issues related facing family councils, family offices, the NextGen, non-family executives and the senior generation with like-minded attendees.
  • Smaller group sessions to facilitate discussion.
  • Topic-based focus sessions to allow you and your family members to drill down more deeply into areas of specific interest or need.
  • Some families bring family members who do not attend the conference itself. We've created the opportunity for these families to schedule a working family meeting prior to and after the conference, with a professional facilitator. (Limited space available, please contact Justine Wood at 703-850-5497 for details). Please note: our hotel room block allows families to book rooms before and after the conference, at our group rate, to extend the duration and value of your visit.
  • Family Business Basics--a pre-conference session focused on key family business terms and ideas, and on how to get the most out of the conference itself.

Transitions features:

  • Speakers from family companies: Our focus is on speakers from family enterprises, sharing real-life problems and solutions. 
  • Intimate, open environment: Limited attendance, and a private "safe harbor" environment in which to openly share challenges and opportunities with other families. 
  • Collaborative discussions: Opportunities to work through family issues via guided discussions. 
  • No-Sell Environment:  Conference sponsors understand and commit to participating as thought leaders and experts, and are restricted from actively selling their products and services.
  • Special content and sessions for next-generation and married-in family members
  • Networking with families like yours: Hosted networking, opening reception, meals, breaks and workshops are all designed to allow you to meet many family enterprise attendees.
  • Family focus: Brought to you by family-owned Family Business Magazine, we use family-owned or controlled hotels, transportation services, restaurants and service providers whenever possible.  We believe in, and invest in, America's family businesses.

Featured Family Business Speakers

Michael Basore
Michael Basore

President, TKM-Bengard Farms

Jamie Richardson
Jamie Richardson

Vice President, Corporate Relations, White Castle  

Nick Shepard
Nick Shepard

Communications Director, Smith Family Council, Menasha Corporation

Luconda Dager
Luconda Dager

President, Velvet Ice Cream Company

Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel
Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel

Chief Operating Officer, Grupo Ferré Rangel

John W. Reininger
John W. Reininger

Chief Relationship Officer, The Clemens Family Corporation

Jo Anne Allen
Jo Anne Allen

Trustee, DWA 1989 Family Trust

Preliminary Program

November 12, 2014

2:00 pm Registration Opens

1-3 pm Family Meetings

3:30-4:30 pm Family Business Basics
An introductory session for first time Transitions attendees (and others who wish to brush up) on key family business terms and family business ideas, as well as tips on how to get the most out of the conference experience.

Facilitator:  Dana Telford, Senior Consultant, Family Business Consulting Group

5:00-6:45 pm Opening Session

Milestones-Using Anniversaries to Celebrate and Grow the Family Business 
Celebrating a family business's milestone anniversary is an exciting and fun way to develop family cohesion and vision, as well as an important tool for communicating family values and marketing your company to employees, vendors, partners and customers.

Speakers:  Sam Gault, President, Gault Energy & Stone; Luconda Dager, President, Velvet Ice Cream Company; Jamie Richardson, Vice President, Corporate Relations, White Castle Systems

Moderator:  Jeff J. Saccacio, Partner, PwC

Opening Keynote
Andrew C. Taylor, Executive Chairman, Enterprise Holdings

6:45-9:00 pm Welcome reception and dinner

Sponsored by PwC

November 13, 2014

7:30 am-4:00 pm  Registration Open

7:30-8:30 am Breakfast

8:30-9:45 am Passing the Torch: Planning a Transition of Ownership to the Next Generation
Members of the senior generation will offer their perspectives on an effective transition process: the delicate art of retiring, and preparing to give up control. The discussion will also address methods of transferring ownership, including buyouts, gifting, ESOPs, financing and trusts

Speaker:  Don Freeman, Chairman, Freeman; Jim Warjone, Chairman, Port Blakely Companies; Steven High, Chairman, H.J. High Construction Company

Moderator:  Patricia M. Armstrong, Senior Director, Family Dynamics and Education, Abbot Downing

9:45-10:15 am Networking Break

10:15-11:15 am Focus Sessions
By number of family members within the family business (small, medium and large), with a case study for analysis and discussion.  Case studies developed by Kellogg's Center for Family Enterprises.

Session Facilitators: Mark Haranzo, Partner, Withers Bergman LLP; Bryant Seaman III, Managing Director and Head of Private Asset Advisory Services, Bessemer Trust; Lloyd Shefsky, Founder and Co-Director, Center for Family Enterprises, Kellogg School of Management; JoAnne Norton, Consultant, The Family Business Consulting Group; Dirk Jungé, Chairman, Pitcairn; Scott A. Winget, Senior Managing Director,  Center for Wealth Impact, Ascent Private Capital Management

11:15-12:30 pm Family Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
Family leadership-as opposed to running the business--is an important responsibility that is all too often undervalued. Some families recognize the key role of the family leader by compensating the family council chair. Others go so far as to elevate family leadership to a C-level position. This panel will look at families who have successfully used this approach with such titles as Chief Cultural Officer, Chief Family Officer, Chief Relationship Officer

Speakers:  John Reininger, Chief Relationship Officer, The Clemens Family Corporation;  Barb Quasius, Treasurer and CFO, Windway Capital Corp.; Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel, Chief Operating Officer, Grupo Ferré Rangel

Moderator:  Rhona Vogel, CEO and Founder, Vogel Consulting

12:45-1:45 pm Lunch and Table Discussions 

Lunch sponsored by Abbot Downing

1:45-2:15 pm Networking Break

2:15-3:30 pm Raising Kids Successfully in a Successful Family Business
Raising kids in the successful family business is tricky. To succeed in whatever career they choose, young people must earn credibility. To succeed as future business owners, they must appreciate the legacy of the family business. To be well-adjusted individuals, they must understand the value of wealth. This panel will explore key developmental tasks, issues and successful approaches to raising healthy kids within the family business.

Speakers:  Michael Basore, President, TKM-Bengard Farms, Myles Basore, Next Generation; Henry Hunte II, Director and Family Council Chair, H.G. Fenton Company; Preston Root, President, Root Family Board of Directors, with Scenic Root.

Moderator:  Anna Nichols, Director of Communications, Altair Advisers LLC

3:30-3:45 pm Networking Break

3:45-5:00 pm Optional Sessions
Special Interest Group Meetings and topic-based small group discussions

6:00-9:00 pm Group Dinner

Family-Owned Killer Shrimp

Speaker:  Kevin Michaels, second generation owner, Killer Shrimp

Sponsored by Bessemer Trust

November 14, 2014

7:30-8:30 am Breakfast

8:30-9:15 am  Keynote Address/Interview

Lou Gentine, Chairman, Sargento Foods, Inc.

Interviewer:  Nancy Drozdow, Principal and Vice President, CFAR

9:15-9:30  Networking Break

9:30-10:30 am Focus Sessions

Creating a Family Social Media Policy--Dirk Jungé, Chairman, Pitcairn
Family Employment Policies and Compensation--David Guin, Partner, Withers Bergman LLP
From Business Owner to Family Enterprise, Debbie Bing, Principal, CFAR
Mentoring the Next Generation--Greg McCann, Professor, Stetson University
Communications, Conflict and Conciliation-- Lloyd Shefsky, Founder and Co-Director, Center for Family Enterprises, Kellogg School of Management
Wealth Management--Martim de Arantes Oliveira, Regional Managing Director, San Francisco, Ascent Private Capital Management
Tax and Estate Issues--Kathy McManus, Tax Partner, PwC
Next Generation Roles in the Family Business--Shannon Zur, Family Office Director, Vogel Consulting

10:30-10:45 am Networking Break

10:45 am-Noon Creating the Successful Family Meeting
There are many paths to a successful family meeting. Each family must craft an agenda that meets the needs of the family and the enterprise. Panelists will share ideas on how to make your family meetings more robust, no matter how formal or informal your family meeting structure is today.

Speaker:  Jo Anne Allen, Trustee, DWA 1989 Family Trust; Nick Shepard, Communications Director, Smith Family Council, Menasha Corporation; Debbie Brown, Chairman of the Board, Laird Norton Company; Jeni Carriere-LaDuke, Family Council Member, Carriere Family Farms

Moderator: Donna Trammell, Managing Director and Director of Family Wealth Stewardship, Bessemer

12:00-1:00 pm Lunch

Sponsored by Vogel Consulting

1:00 pm Family meeting follow-ups

Confirmed Speakers

Andrew C. Taylor

Andrew C. Taylor

Executive Chairman, Enterprise Holdings

Andy Taylor, who became involved in the automotive business nearly 50 years ago, currently serves as Executive Chairman of Enterprise Holdings - the privately held business founded in St. Louis in 1957 by his father, Jack Taylor. Building on the success of the company's flagship Enterprise Rent-A-Car brand, the Taylor family acquired the Alamo Rent A Car and National Car Rental brands in 2007 in the largest acquisition ever in the car rental industry. The family renamed the company Enterprise Holdings in 2009, and today it operates a network of more than 8,200 neighborhood and airport locations worldwide. Enterprise Holdings is the most comprehensive service provider and only investment-grade company in the U.S. car rental industry.

Today, Enterprise Holdings and its affiliate Enterprise Fleet Management together offer a total transportation solution. Combined, these businesses - which include extensive car rental and car sharing services, commercial truck rental, corporate fleet management, and retail car sales - accounted for $15.4 billion in revenue and operated 1.3 million vehicles throughout the world in fiscal 2012. Ranked by Forbes as one of America's Largest Private Companies, Enterprise Holdings' revenues also place the company near the top of the travel industry, exceeding many airlines and most cruise lines, hotels, tour operators and online travel agencies.

When Taylor joined Enterprise at the age of 16 in one of the original St. Louis offices, he began his career by washing cars during summer and holiday vacations and learning the business from the ground up. Taylor continued his education at the University of Denver, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 1970. Following graduation, he opted to gain some initial experience outside of the family business and began working for RLM Leasing, a Ford Motor company affiliate in San Francisco. After three years at the company, Taylor returned to Enterprise, which, at the time, operated a fleet of only 5,000 cars. In 1976, he became the General Manager of Enterprise Rent-A-Car's St. Louis regional operations, and was promoted in 1980 to President and Chief Operating Officer. Taylor became Chief Executive Officer in 1991 and Chairman in 2001. In June 2013, he transitioned to the position of Executive Chairman.

In 2009, Taylor was inducted into the U.S. Travel Hall of Leaders for his leadership role in challenging excise taxes that single out rental car customers to fund unrelated projects and programs in local communities. He is one of 81 travel industry professionals who have been inducted into the Travel Hall of Leaders since its inception in 1969. In addition, in 2011, Automotive News magazine named Taylor as one of the "Electrifying 100" key players driving vehicle electrification, further underscoring the impact of Enterprise's extensive fleet and neighborhood network as well as its efforts to introduce new technology into the marketplace. More recently, Taylor addressed the company's commitment to sustainable transportation in a panel discussion at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center and in a keynote speech at the Corporate Eco Forum Annual Meeting.

Outside of his professional duties with Enterprise Holdings, Taylor plays an active role in the community. He serves as Trustee of Washington University in St. Louis; Trustee for the Naval Aviation History Foundation; Life Trustee of the Missouri Botanical Garden, the oldest botanical garden in the U.S. and among the top three worldwide; and Director of Commerce Bancshares. He also is a former member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the United Way of Greater St. Louis; and past President of Civic Progress, an organization of leading chief executives in St. Louis who work for improvements on a wide range of civic issues.

Louis P. Gentine

Louis P. Gentine

Chairman, Sargento Foods Inc.

Lou Gentine is a second-generation family owner of Sargento Foods Inc., a leading national marketer of cheeses and cheese-based solutions headquartered in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Lou earned a Bachelor of Business in Accounting from Notre Dame, and worked at Price Waterhouse as a Certified Public Accountant before joining Sargento in 1973 as Controller. Following several other promotions, he assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in 1981 and Chairman in 1996. Lou retired as CEO in October 2013. At that time, his son, Louie Gentine, took on the Chief Executive Officer responsibilities. Lou continues his role as Chairman of the Board. Lou has served on various boards including VPI Inc., The Oldenburg Group, and Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee. He also has served as Chairman of both the International Dairy Foods Association and National Cheese Institute in Washington, D.C. where he continues as a member of their respective boards. He currently is a member of Legatus, a Catholic Executives organization, serves on the Board of Directors of Road America in Elkhart Lake and the Notre Dame Institute for Church Life. Lou recently served as co-chair for the University of Wisconsin's Center for Dairy Research renovation and expansion campaign. Lou and his wife Michele shared chairmanship duties for the Sheboygan County United Way Campaign in 2005 and the Campaign for Holy Hill in 2001.

Lou and Michele live in Elkhart Lake where they raised their three children, Tony, Louie, and Kelly. In addition to their children and grandchildren, Lou enjoys motorcycling, reading, and a very occasional game of golf.

Barb Quasius

Barb Quasius

Treasurer and CFO, Windway Capital Corp.

Barbara Quasius is Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of Windway Capital Corp (the Terry Kohler family) where she has served since 1993.  Recognizing the importance of family relationships and next generation development,  Ms. Quasius was granted the opportunity in recent years to work with the family, serving as a bridge between generations, tackling the tough conversations surrounding the “soft issues,” promoting agreement around family governance, and providing for business exposure and education opportunities--all of which have resulted in her subtitle of Chief Family/Relationship Officer.  Ms. Quasius received a full business scholarship to Lakeland College, where she studied Accounting, International Business and Spanish.  She earned her CPA in Wisconsin and then her MBA from Marquette University.  She is involved in her church and the community having served on the boards of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage and Lakeland College, as well as, involvement with youth programs including mission trips and alliance building for Esperanza Viva (Living Hope Int’l) youth home in Puebla, Mexico.  She is happily married and blessed with two children.

Sam Gault

Sam Gault

President, Gault Energy & Stone

For 150 years, one of Westport's most philanthropic families has also been one of its most storied energy and masonry providers. Gault Energy prides itself on being an "energy partner" to its home heating oil, Propane, HVAC, low-cost electricity, and now, stand-by generator customers.

Fulfilling his vision of transforming Fairfield County into a national role model for environmental change, in 2008, Sam Gault, President and fifth-generation to lead the company, made energy conservation and education about global warming the cornerstone of the company's corporate mission. Inspiring homeowners to embrace "energy solutions for a greener tomorrow," Gault Energy opened a new chapter, giving his family business a new beginning and a new focus: to inspire a cross-generational sea change in energy consumption behaviors at the grassroots level. For decades, the Gault family has also owned and operated a real estate development business under the name of Hamilton Development. Most recently, the company completed Phase II of Saugatuck Center, an award-winning transit oriented development on Westport's Riverside Avenue, where L.H. Gault & Son was originally located at the turn of the last century and the former site of Gault's coal, oil and sand businesses.

Sam graduated from Lynchburg College in 1985 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Sam is a Board member of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association (CEMA), New England Fuel Institute (NEFI), and an active member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). In addition he is a past Chairman of the Board of the Westport Chamber of Commerce, and a past member of the Westport Weston Family Y's Board of Directors and presently serves on their Board of Trustees.

Sam and his wife, Nancy, enjoy spending week-ends skiing, biking and golfing with friends and family. Sam and Nancy have a 14 year old daughter, Jillian and an 11 year old son, Ben.

Don Freeman

Don Freeman

Chairman, Freeman

While other young college students at the University of Iowa were discovering chemistry and calculus, Freeman's founder Donald S. "Buck" Freeman was discovering his passion for party decorating, while pledging for a national fraternity. He turned this passion into a lifelong trade that began in 1923 with the opening of the New Idea Service Company. Then in 1927, Buck established the first Freeman Decorating Company office in Des Moines, Iowa. More than 86 years later, with that same sense of passion, Freeman has expanded into a world-class provider of integrated services for face-to-face marketing.

With approximately $1.7 billion in FY2013 revenues, family- and employee-owned Freeman services 57% of the 250 largest tradeshows in the U.S. (TSNN, 2012), is ranked 14th in Dallas' Top 50 Private Companies (Dallas Business Journal, 2012) and employs more than 4,500 full-time and 30,000 part-time associates.

Donald S. (Don) Freeman, Jr. is chairman of Freeman. Don graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1960 and served in the U.S. Navy Supply Corps. In 1964, he joined the family business founded by his father, Buck Freeman. Named executive vice president in 1968, Don served in several branch locations before moving to Dallas, where the company's headquarters was relocated in 1974. Don became president of Freeman in 1972, and was named chairman and CEO in 1977.

Don has served as an officer or director of numerous convention industry associations, including the Exhibit Designers and Producers Association, the International Association for Exhibition Management (IAEM) and the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), among others. He is the past chair of the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR).

Recognized as one of the industry's most decorated leaders, Don has received numerous awards and honors for his many contributions. He is a member of the Convention Industry Council's Hall of Leaders and the U.S. Travel Hall of Leaders. Don has received the IAEM Distinguished Service Award, the Trade Show Exhibitors Association Distinguished Service Award and the Spirit of Hospitality Award from Destination Marketing Association International. In 2011, Don was awarded the PCMA Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2013, Ernst & Young jointly awarded Don their Entrepreneur Of The Year Award for the Southwest Area North region along with Carrie Freeman Parsons, vice chairman and Joe Popolo, CEO.

Jo Anne Allen

Jo Anne Allen

Trustee, DWA 1989 Family Trust

Jo Anne Allen is a trustee of the DWA 1989 Family Trust. Her varied career has included owning and operating food establishments: a bakery, café, restaurant and health food store. She has also worked as an events coordinator/facilitator. Working as an organizer in the music world led her to a decade of study and her current vocation as a voice and singing teacher.

She has four children and three grandchildren who are an important and integral part of the growing family business. She lives in Sebastopol, CA, with her husband Steve, who also works for the family business.

The DWA 1989 Family Trust owns three multi-tenant buildings in San Francisco, and also does similar property management work within a cousin consortium of real estate assets in Marin County and in San Francisco. The most publicly visible assets that are owned collectively are the Belvedere Land Company and a building located in San Francisco's Union Square with Macy's as the tenant.

The core assets were bought in the 1935 before the Golden Gate Bridge was finished. It was considered a huge risk by advisers at the time, but has worked out extremely well for the family. The second generation, led by Dave Allen and Howard Allen, transformed vacant land into productive rental real estate over a 25-year period after WWII.

Starting about 1980 the third generation became involved in the operations. They exhibited all the struggles of family business and may have invented some new ones along the way. The family has navigated a successful generational transfer, keeping all the assets together and making significant new investments during that time.

Currently, DWA 1989 Family Trust has two members of the fourth generation working full-time. In addition many of the fourth generation have had part-time or summer intern jobs. Of the 18 members of the fourth generation, ten have worked at least one summer with the current managers and trustees.

John W. Reininger

John W. Reininger

Chief Relationship Officer, The Clemens Family Corporation

John Reininger is the Chief Relationship Officer of The Clemens Family Corporation. John is a fourth-generation in-law family member. He began working for Hatfield Quality Meats, the family's legacy business, in 1991. Prior to being named to his current post in April 2007, he spent time working in all areas of the business - livestock procurement, operations, marketing and sales.

The Clemens Family Corporation (CFC), located in Montgomery County, PA, is a sixth-generation, privately held family company focused on long-term value creation for its customers, exceptional governance and accountability. CFC's business interests include Clemens Food Group (CFG) and Clemens Development. CFC employs 2,165 people, had FY2014 revenue in excess of $780 million.

CFG's Hatfield Quality Meats (HQM) brand, its legacy business founded in 1895, and owns more than 1.3 million square feet between its two facilities located in Hatfield and Emmaus, PA. The Hatfield facility is the sixth-largest pork processing plant in the country and the largest full-line pork processor in the Northeastern United States. The Hatfield Quality Meats brand is the dominant brand within the Northeastern United States and service the Foodservice industry throughout the United States.

Clemens Development owns and manages a portfolio of over 1.3 million square feet of industrial and commercial retail property located throughout Pennsylvania. These properties include the Clemens Business Center (a flex-industrial center), Hatfield Pointe (commercial-retail), and the corporate headquarters of a major lab sciences firm (pharmaceutical research and development center). National commercial tenants include Lowe's, WaWa, ShopRite, Chick-fil-A and P.O.D.S

As Chief Relationship Officer, John serves a shareholder base of 273 shareholders and 649 family members ranging from the second through the sixth generation. Also in his role, he serves as the corporation's point of contact with state and local government agencies. He currently serves as the chairman of the Clemens Family Philanthropic Committee and chairs the Owners' Advisory Council.

John is active in community and other organizations. He is a board member of the North Penn United Way and past campaign chairman. He is actively involved in various community fund-raising projects, including Cradle of Liberty, Penn Foundation, Harleysville Senior Center and Boys and Girls Clubs.

John also served on Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett's Agriculture Policy Committee and Governor-elect Tom Corbett's Agriculture Transition Team. John received his bachelor's degree in animal science from University of Wyoming.

He and his wife, Karen, have been married for 25 years and have three sons: Andrew, who attends Temple University; Brad and Jason who both attend West Virginia University.

Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel

Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel

Chief Operating Officer, Grupo Ferré Rangel

Antonio Luis Ferré-Rangel is the Chief Operating Officer of Grupo Ferré Rangel , Puerto Rico's principal communications group with interests in the services and real estate industries in the island as well as in Chile and the US. As COO, Mr. Ferré holds direct responsibility over the Group's commercial printing company Advance Graphic Printing, LinkActiv and CommSense, the telemarketing, mailing and fulfillment business, City View Plaza its commercial office building, and DIS a distribution organization. He is also in charge of the group's offshore operations. In the USA, ENDO RE a real estate operations and FRGC the investments and operations company in Chile.

Mr. Ferré initiated his career in 1992 as Assistant Plant Manager of Puerto Rican Cement Company in Ponce where he became familiar with grinding systems, equipment maintenance and quality control processes. He later was promoted to Vice President of Operations overseeing production processes in the lime and cement plants. In 1996, he became Vice President of Operations and Strategic Planning, where in addition to operations he was accountable for the planning and strategies implementation for the development of new business. In 1998, Mr. Ferré Rangel was appointed Executive Vice President and in 2001, he became its President and Chief Operating Officer. As President of Puerto Rican Cement, Mr. Ferre-Rangel oversaw the Ponce Cement Plant, Florida Lime, DMI real estate, Ready Mix a Concrete operations, St. Regis Paper, PEMCO the distribution company and Ponce Capital the financial arm. He held this position until August 2002, when Puerto Rican Cement Company was acquired by CEMEX - the construction materials multinational company.

At present, Mr. Ferré also heads the Family Office with responsibilities for planning, budgeting, and other services to family members. He also sits at the Board of Directors of GFR Media, home of Puerto Rico's two most read newspapers.

Aware of the increased need for corporate social responsibility, Mr. Ferré has been throughout his career very active in both professional and community affairs. He was President of the Cement Producers Association- Caribbean Area, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Centros Sor Isolina Ferré, an Educational Community Development Center , and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sacred Heart University of PR from 2009-2011. He is also Director of Centro Para Una Nueva Economía, in Alliance with Brookings Institute, Director of Fundación Agenda Ciudadana (Citizens Agenda Foundation)and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Luis A. Ferré Foundation that runs the Ponce Art Museum.

Antonio Luis Ferré Rangel holds a BA in Natural Sciences from the Sacred Heart University and in 1992 he obtained an MS in Business Administration from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. He is married and has three children.

Luconda Dager

Luconda Dager

President, Velvet Ice Cream Company

Luconda Dager is the president of the Velvet Ice Cream Company and the fourth generation of her family to lead the Utica, Ohio-based ice cream manufacturer.

Dager oversees all aspects of Velvet Ice Cream, which employs 125 people and produces & distributes more than five million gallons of ice cream each year.

Before joining the family business in 1994, Dager spent three years in New York working in the retail clothing industry as a buyer.

Serving on the Board of Directors for the International Dairy Foods Association; the Ohio Grocers Association; the Midwest Dairy Foods Association; Licking County Chamber of Commerce and the Knox County Convention and Visitors Bureau, Dager also is a Trustee for Hervey Memorial Library in Utica, OH.

Dager and Velvet Ice Cream give back tirelessly to their local community through a number of efforts, including: hosting and supporting the annual Utica Sertoma Ice Cream Festival; promoting, raising funds for and riding in Pelatonia, which directly benefits cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center; and in support of the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

In 2007, Dager was named to the Columbus Business First "Forty Under Forty" list for influential business leaders.

Dager attended St. Frances De Sales Grade & Middle School and graduated from Newark Catholic High School in Newark, Ohio. She studied business at University of St. Frances in Ft. Wayne, IN and earned a bachelor's degree in 1991 from Xavier University in Cincinnati. She and her husband, Bill, live in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, and have a daughter, Lauren, 9.

Nick Shepard

Nick Shepard

Communications Director, Smith Family Council, Menasha Corporation

Nick Shepard is a sixth-generation member of the Smith Family, owners of Menasha Corporation (a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company) for over 160 years. Nick joined the Smith Family Council in 2012. Since joining, he has gradually taken on more responsibility on the Council, particularly leveraging his background in art and design to reimagine the Council's communication with the family. Nick was recently appointed as the Council's first Communications Director.

Nick grew up in New York City and earned his MFA in 2011 from the School of Visual Arts in New York; he graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Art History from Carleton College in 2007. Today he lives and works in Portland, Ore. In addition to his work for the Smith Family, he is an active artist, participating in exhibitions and teaching photography around the country. He also works as a freelance graphic and web designer.

James (Jim) Warjone

James (Jim) Warjone

Chairman of the Board, Port Blakely Companies

James (Jim) Warjone is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Port Blakely Companies. Previously he had served in the role of Chairman and CEO of Port Blakely Companies for 13 years.

Jim joined Port Blakely Companies in 1976 as a Board Member and has served the Company in executive leadership positions since 1978. His tenure with the Company began with the Port Blakely Mill Company, predecessor to Port Blakely Tree Farms and now one of the Port Blakely Companies. Over the course of the past 30 years, Jim has led the drive to develop new economic opportunities and strengthen strategic relationships locally, nationally and globally for the Port Blakely Companies.

Jim has provided tactical and hands-on guidance in pursuit of new opportunities as Port Blakely Companies has continued to grow and evolve as a company. In 1993, he directed the initiative to diversify the Company's forestry land by forming a new international subsidiary, Blakely Pacific. Based in New Zealand, Blakely Pacific owns and manages forest land on New Zealand's North and South Islands. Blakely Pacific markets its products and the products of others domestically and into the Pacific Rim.

Jim was the driving force behind the original land purchase of what is now the Issaquah Highlands in King County, Washington. He also assembled the creative team of real estate experts that formed Port Blakely Communities. Among his first hires was Judd Kirk, who generated the vision for the "Living Green" development to fruition. To provide access to Issaquah Highlands and the communities to the North, Jim led the initiative to build the Highlands Drive/Sunset Drive Interchange, connecting Issaquah Highlands with Interstate 90. This multi-year public-private partnership encompassed regulatory approvals, permits, funding and right of way acquisition. The interchange was opened in 2003.

Recently, Jim led the expansion of Port Blakely Companies into direct exporting through the acquisition of a long time customer, Pacific Lumber and Shipping. The acquisition of the trading company, which buys, processes and resells logs of many grades and species for others as well as Port Blakely, has enabled the company to further penetrate the Pacific Rim markets, including Japan, Korea, China and India.

A forestry industry leader, Jim partnered with two other firms in 2008 to found a new industry association, the National Alliance of Forest Owners (NAFO). The Alliance represents more than 66 million acres of private forests across the nation and was formed to advocate for the forest owners on Capitol Hill.

Jim continues to serve the community as a board member and key advisor. Currently he serves on the board of the Washington Roundtable (past chair), The Pacific Science Center (past chair and director emeritus) as well as the boards of three private and one public company. In addition, he is Chairman of the Board for Port Blakely Companies.

Jim was born in Virginia and grew up in southern California. He received a degree in economics from Claremont Men's College (now Claremont McKenna College) in 1965. He is married and lives in Sun Valley, Idaho after 41 years in Seattle.


Jamie Richardson

Jamie Richardson

Vice President, Corporate Relations, White Castle


Jamie Richardson is an "Ultimate Craver" who took his love of White Castle hamburgers to its logical extreme, joining the White Castle home office team in 1998. Jamie serves as Vice President, Corporate Relations, responsible for government affairs, shareholder relations, public relations and community relations.

Family-owned White Castle is the oldest hamburger chain in the United States. Twelve members of the Ingram family, through the fourth generation, work for the 420-unit business.

Jamie's craving for White Castle was nurtured during time he spent working on the business as part of the J. Walter Thompson Detroit advertising agency team, where he also had assignments on a range of accounts like Domino's Pizza, Tenneco Automotive and Carhartt Outdoor Apparel. Jamie presently serves on the board of trustees for the American Red Cross of Greater Columbus, the Conway Family Business Center, the Kiwanis Club of Columbus, the National Council of Chain Restaurants, the Ohio Restaurant Association, the YMCA - Central Ohio and Siena Heights University. Jamie also volunteers time at St. Vincent's Catholic Church in Mount Vernon as part of the Parish Finance Committee and as Pack Leader for Cub Scouts Pack 332. He is a graduate of Siena Heights University where he majored in business administration, and Ohio Dominican University where he earned his MBA degree. Jamie and his wife Kate live in Mount Vernon, Ohio and have five children, Brendan, Chloe, Mary Grace, Maggie and Finn.

Debbie S. Brown

Debbie S. Brown

Chairman of the Board, Laird Norton Company

Since June 2012, Debbie has served as Chairman of the Laird Norton Company Board. She also serves as Board Chairman for one of their subsidiary companies, TimberRiver Properties. Prior to being named Board Chairman, Debbie served as a director of the company from 1996 to 2007 and beginning in 2011, was elected to a second term.

During her prior term, she chaired their Compensation Committee and served as a director on their Winona Capital Management Board. Debbie also served on their Investment and Nominating Committees and recently, on the company’s 2010-12 Long Range Planning Committee. Prior to joining the board, Debbie played a leadership role in the planning and implementation of the Family’s Children’s Program, affectionately known as “Camp Three Tree.”

Outside of the family company, in 1990, Debbie founded and served as CEO of Pacific Preschools, Inc., a network of private, high quality, work-site child care programs. In 1997, she led the sale of the company to Bright Horizons, the premier provider of employer-sponsored child care, early education, and work/life solutions and, later that same year, participated in their IPO. In addition to her leadership role at LNC, Debbie continues to work for Bright Horizons as Vice President of Regional Development.

From 1990- 2007, Debbie also served as a founding director and board member of Child Care Resources, a non-profit agency that works with families and communities to ensure that all children have access to high quality child care and early education.

Debbie and her husband Henry live in Seattle, Washington. They enjoy kayaking, skiing and hiking and most recently, spoiling their four grandchildren ages infant through age 3.

In 1855, William Laird joined forces with his cousins James and Matthew Norton as partners in a frontier lumber operation. A family company was born. Now seven generations and over 400 members later, the Laird Norton family continues to promote intellectual growth, responsible investing and business experience in order to ensure excellence for generations to come. 

Michael Basore

Michael Basore

President, TKM-Bengard Farms

Michael Basore is President of TKM-Bengard Farms, a fourth generation family farm located in Belle Glade, Florida. TKM is the largest lettuce producer east of the Mississippi, producing over 6,500 hundred acres of lettuce and harvesting approximately one hundred million pounds of iceberg annually.

In 2011, American Vegetable Grower magazine presented TKM with its 10th annual Grower Achievement Award at the United Fresh Public Policy Conference in Washington, DC. As a company, TKM-Bengard has grown over 200% in the last 10 years.

Michael shares responsibility for key functions of the farm with his five brothers. His primary focus is on managing the harvest operations. Michael is instrumental in developing and implementing new technical and agricultural advancements in the day-to-day operations of the farm.

Michael and his wife, Tammy, live with their children, Myles and Sara, in Wellington, FL. Strong relationships throughout the extended Basore family lies at the core of TKM's success.

Patricia M. Armstrong

Patricia M. Armstrong

Senior Director, Family Dynamics and Education, Abbot Downing

As a senior director of Family Dynamics and Education, Pat's work with families focuses on growth and sustainability. Pat and her colleagues know first-hand the complexities that families of great wealth may face. They work to ask insightful questions, listen carefully, and help clients find clarity about their values and goals. Pat works with families on a variety of topics such as preparation of heirs, family governance, family business succession and family philanthropy.

Before assuming her current role at Abbot Downing, Pat was head of Family Dynamics at Wells Fargo Family Wealth. She was the human resources director for Wells Fargo's Private Bank and held a series of management roles focused on developing talent since she joined Wells Fargo in 1990.

In her earliest professional life, Pat was an independent management consultant to family businesses and nonprofit organizations, a faculty member in psychology and a mental health program director.

Pat holds a doctorate degree in psychology from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois, where she recently served as a university trustee. Pat received a certificate in executive coaching from Columbia University. She is a member of the Family Office Exchange (FOX), Family Firm Institute (FFI), the American Psychological Association (APA) and serves on the Advisory Council of the Global Family Office Community.

Jeff J. Saccacio

Jeff J. Saccacio

Partner, PwC

Jeff Saccacio brings over 30 years of experience to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as the tax practice leader for its Southern California private client services, as well as its personal financial services practices. Jeff returns to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP from the financial services industry where he served as Managing Director and Head of Wealth Planning for Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management for the Western United States. Before joining Deutsche Bank, he served as a Managing Director and Senior Wealth Strategist providing services for The Citigroup Private Bank and Trust Company for the West Coast, Pacific Northwest and Manhattan offices.

Jeff specializes in planning for high-net worth individuals, entrepreneurs, and closely held businesses, and he has extensive experience in estate and trust planning. Jeff is widely published and quoted in financial journals such as Fortune, Bloomberg Wealth Manager, Financial Planning Magazine, Investment Advisor, and Benefits & Compensation Solutions. He has spoken before various professional societies, bar associations, and civic groups, speaking before the AICPA Conference on Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals, AICPA Advanced Estate Planning Conference and University of Miami Philip E. Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning.

He hosted a popular financial and tax planning radio show, "Talkin' $ with Jeff Saccacio," for over 8 years in Los Angeles, has served as a financial expert and consultant for various print and electronic media, and has been named one of the "Best Financial Advisors" in the country by Worth Magazine for 10 years. Jeff is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and earned from this institute his Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) designation. He holds a BBA in accounting from the University of Notre Dame and a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation from the American College. He is a member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners - USA which has granted him its Trust and Estate Practitioner (TEP) designation.

He holds a third degree black belt in American Tae Kwon Do. Jeff is a past President and member of the Board of the Alzheimer's Association of Orange County, where he served for over 10 years. He is also a former member of the Board of Trustees of the Orange County Museum of Art.

Myles Basore

Myles Basore

Family Member, TKM Bengard Farms LLC

Myles Basore is a Junior at Stetson University, majoring in Family Business and minoring in Marketing.  Ultimately, Myles aspires to join TKM Bengard Farms, LLC, a fourth generation family farm owned and operated by his father and uncles. Currently, he is focused on pursuits that will support his interests in real estate oversight, commodity sales, and succession planning.

Myles' commitment to making a difference has led him to participate in mission work in Costa Rica and Belle Glade, FL. He has received the gold certificate awards from The King's Academy in Wellington, FL in recognition of his community service. 

Myles graduated from The King's Academy in 2012. He is a 2011 graduate of Leadership Palm Beach County's Youth Leadership Program. Myles has also studied at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

In his free time, Myles enjoys golf, baseball, and water sports, and spending time with his family: Mike and Tammy Basore, his mother and father, and his sister, Sara.

Rhona E. Vogel

Rhona E. Vogel

CEO and Founder, Vogel Consulting

Rhona E. Vogel is a CPA and investment advisor representative, and the CEO and founder of Vogel Consulting Group. Rhona began her career as an Internal Revenue Agent and soon after began her climb through the ranks at Arthur Andersen. In 1987 she was named one of Andersen's first female tax partners, where she led the Family Wealth Planning Group.

In 1993, Rhona recognized an unfulfilled need in the wealth management industry. Her clients, affluent individuals and business owners, desired a depth of integrated services in tax and estate planning as well as unbiased investment advice. As a result, she formed Vogel Consulting - a truly independent multi-family office. Since inception, Vogel has been at the forefront of the growing multi-family office industry. Vogel Consulting has consistently been ranked as one of the top ten "toughest competitors" in Family Wealth Alliance's Multifamily Office Study and ranked by Bloomberg Markets Magazine in their listing entitled: "Top 50" Family Offices.

Rhona founded her firm around the concept of integration. She is passionate about her firm's customized approach and thinks and acts solely in her client's best interest, in the areas of investment planning, taxation, business operation, estate structuring, financial consulting and family education. Rhona is actively involved with many of the firm's largest client families and when she is not advising her clients, she's often speaking on topics ranging from family office best practices to future tax legislation and investment strategies.

Rhona gives of her time and expertise on the board of the Wisconsin Historical Foundation, and as a member of Marquette University's Board of Trustees. She is a member of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants, Wisconsin Institute of Certified Accountants, and serves on the boards of several private family foundations.

Dana Telford

Dana Telford

Senior Consultant, Family Business Consulting Group

Dana Telford specializes in helping family business owners plan for succession and manage the complexities and opportunities that are inherent to family business. He specializes in succession planning, family governance, Board effectiveness, strategy, entrepreneurship and conflict management.

Dana earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Utah. He is a third generation member of a U.S. based commercial real estate firm.

Dana has advised hundreds of business families from many business sectors in a variety of sizes on 6 continents and in more than 18 different countries, including Switzerland, India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Brazil, Kuwait, England, Mexico, Australia, Canada and the UAE. He works with controlling owner, sibling partnership and multi- generational family enterprises of all complexities and sizes, and across multiple industries. Previous clients include members of the Forbes List of the world's wealthiest, a royal family and founders of some of the world's largest organizations.

Dana has done work in a variety of industries, including real estate brokerage, development and investment, automobile dealerships, residential construction, heavy construction, heavy equipment distribution, aeronautical engineering, farming, medical services, health insurance, jewelry manufacturing and retail, landscape development, property management, ranching, manufacturing, manufacturer's representation, oil and gas exploration, home furnishings, hotels and lodging, banking, beverage bottling and distribution, trucking and retail grocery.

Dana has co-authored two books that have sold over 70,000 copies in 4 languages; the national best seller The Integrity Advantage: How Taking the High Road Creates a Competitive Advantage in Business and Integrity Works: Strategies for Becoming a Trusted, Respected and Admired Leader. He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School, the University of Utah, USC, Cal State Fullerton, the University of Louisville, the University of Wisconsin, Centenary College, Thunderbird, Gonzaga and the American University of Kuwait. He has been a guest on ABC and FOX television. His research and writing has been quoted in Investor's Business Daily, The Chicago Tribune, The Orange County Register, Toronto Globe and Mail and others.

Anna Nichols

Anna Nichols

Director of Communications, Altair Advisers LLC

As the Director of Communications, Anna is responsible for creating and leading the marketing and business development strategies for the firm.

Anna has more than 10 years of marketing, research and educational programming in the family wealth industry. Prior to joining Altair, she was the Managing Director for Content at Family Office Exchange (FOX), a membership organization for ultra-high net worth families and their advisors. Anna has authored multiple studies, articles and whitepapers and is a well-known writer and speaker on a wide range of generational wealth issues. Her work has been published in the Journal of Trusts and Estates, Private Wealth Management, Family Business, and SRR magazines among other publications. In addition she has presented at numerous wealth management industry conferences, including the 2010 Schwab IMPACT Conference, the 2010 and 2011 Annual Family Firm Institute (FFI) International Conferences, the 2011 Southeastern Family Office Forum, the 2011 Transitions Conference and the 2010 Spring and Fall Canadian Private Family Office Invitational Conferences.

Previous to her work at FOX, Anna held management positions with the New York City Bar Association, and the YWCA of New York City. Anna came to Chicago as a consultant for the real property probate and trust section of the American Bar Association.

Anna received a bachelor's degree from Guilford College and an MBA from Fordham University. She lives in Evanston with her husband and two children.

Bryant W. Seaman III

Bryant W. Seaman III

Managing Director and Head of Private Asset Advisory Services, Bessemer Trust

Mr. Seaman is a Managing Director responsible for Bessemer's Private Asset Advisory Group, which includes Family Company Advisory, Real Estate Management and Advisory, Oil & Gas Advisory and Property and Casualty Insurance. Mr. Seaman also works closely with Legacy Planning to manage the delivery of Bessemer's expertise to family businesses held in trust.

While at Bessemer, Mr. Seaman served for several years on the Board of Directors of GeoResources, Inc. (NASDAQ: "GEOI"), an independent oil and gas company, where he was Chairman of the Compensation Committee and a member of the Nominating and Governance Committee. He also serves on the Boards of several private companies owned or controlled by Bessemer's clients.

Prior to joining Bessemer in 2005, Mr. Seaman was Head of International and a member of the Management Committee at the NYSE, Head of Large Cap Telecom and Media Investment Banking at Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown and Co-head of Global Corporate Finance at CSFB. He started his career practicing corporate and securities law at Sullivan & Cromwell.

Mr. Seaman earned an A.B. degree in Political Science with Distinction from Stanford University, and J.D. and M.B.A. degrees from Columbia University, where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar. He has been a member of the New York State Bar, the NASD International Advisory Committee and the National Committee for US-China Relations.

Dirk Jungé

Dirk Jungé

Chairman, Pitcairn

Dirk Jungé is chairman of Pitcairn, a recognized global leader in the specialized multi-family office marketplace. He has been an innovator and leader in the family office for over 30 years. A fourth-generation member of the Pitcairn family, he has served in numerous capacities, including investments, marketing and client services. He was instrumental in re-establishing the firm as a multi-family office offering in 1987, and in 2008 led Pitcairn's pioneering transition to a 100% open architecture investment platform.

Dirk is a consultant, author and frequent speaker at conferences and seminars on issues related to the financial services industry, family office, family governance and succession planning. Widely recognized for his involvement in social and community affairs, he sits on a variety of philanthropic and corporate boards. He is also a member of the Family Firm Institute and a recipient of the FFI Barbara Hollander Award, recognizing his commitment and dedication to education and learning in the field of family business.

He received a BS in Economics and Finance from Lehigh University and holds the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.

Nancy Drozdow

Nancy Drozdow

Principal and Vice President, Center for Applied Research

Nancy is a CFAR founder, and leads the firm's family business practice as well as CFAR's Strategy group. Nancy is nationally known for her expertise as a thinking partner to leaders of owner-led firms, including family businesses. She understands the questions on these leaders' minds, and is skilled at helping them analyze and act on issues of risk, delegation, competition, continuity and exit. She blends quantitative analysis with qualitative insight, helping leaders understand and addresses both the concrete business challenges as well as the often "messy" emotional and internal issues that can cloud strategic vision. Nancy helps her clients test options and make hard choices, and work through the structures, processes, people and metrics that can stand in the way of productive action. She is a founder of the Family Firm Institute and an FFI Fellow, and served on the organization's original Board.

Nancy holds an MBA in Strategy from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and is a member of CFAR's Board of Directors. CFAR is a private management consulting practice that was originally a research center inside the Wharton School. The firm serves clients worldwide from offices in Philadelphia and Boston, and works with leaders across a range of industries including family and owner-led businesses, hospitals and health systems, life science organizations, associations, financial services companies, foundations and higher education institutions.

Lloyd E. Shefsky

Lloyd E. Shefsky

Founder and Co-Director, Center for Family Enterprises, Kellogg School of Management

Lloyd Shefsky is Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, Founder and Co-director of the Center for Family Enterprises and Co-Founder of the Center for Executive Women at the Kellogg School of Management. Professor Shefsky has taught courses, lectured and spoken in China, Japan, Thailand, Canada, Israel and throughout the United States.

He has written professional articles on family business, entrepreneurship, and other related topics, and is the author of Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born, published by McGraw-Hill and translated into seven languages.

Lloyd is a consultant, coach, mentor and advisor to family businesses and public companies controlled by families on matters including: establishing and improving corporate governance; developing and implementing succession of leadership, ownership, and voting power; creating fair bases and techniques for hiring and compensating family members; facilitating and encouraging enterprising activities within family enterprises; instituting philanthropic efforts and
selecting the most appropriate vehicles; and introducing courses, programs and events to educate, and develop relationships among family members. In addition, Professor Shefsky has co-founded several businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

Lloyd is also a coach, consultant and mentor to entrepreneurs. Over the years he has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, often from their earliest stages through expansions, public offerings, sales of the businesses, and in some cases succession to one or two additional generations of the founders' families.

Shefsky has received honors, including the 1995 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his support of entrepreneurship from Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch, the 2002 Civil Rights Award from the Anti-Defamation League, and the 1992 Award of Excellence from the Sports Lawyers Association.

Lloyd founded and is now Of Counsel to the Chicago law firm, Shefsky & Froelich Ltd. He received his JD from The Law School at the University of Chicago and is also a CPA.

Lloyd has a new book coming out this summer from McGraw-Hill: "INVENT, REINVENT, THRIVE: The Keys to Success for Any Start-Up, Entrepreneur or Family Business."

Jeni Carriere-LaDuke

Jeni Carriere-LaDuke

Family Council Member, Carriere Family Farms

Jeni Carriere-LaDuke is the youngest daughter of Dick and Nina Carriere. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from UC-Davis in 2001. In 2003, Jeni pursued her interest in culinary arts and received a degree from the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Ore. She returned to Glenn County in 2006 to join the family business. She recently began a new position as a walnut grower representative after working for five years in the Carriere Farms processing facility. 

Officially established in 1893 by Albini Carriere, Carriere Family Farms is now in its fifth generation of family operation. Albini’s son Wilfred A. Carriere was instrumental in launching the business. During the Depression, he worked diligently to develop rice land being sold by the bank. Since then, Carriere Farms has been through many transformations and challenges that come with the agriculture industry.

Today, three generations of family employees represent the business. Carriere Family Farms owns and manages approximately 4,000 acres of rice, walnut and olive crops collectively. With the recent addition of a walnut processing plant, the enterprise has established itself as a worldwide marketer of agriculture products. Through continued hard work and a strong faith, Carriere Family Farms looks forward to facing future challenges head-on while passing on the legacy to the next generation. 

Donna E. Trammell

Donna E. Trammell

Managing Director and Director of Family Wealth Stewardship, Bessemer

Donna Trammell leads Bessemer’s initiatives with next generation education, family communication and governance. She works directly with client families on a range of issues, including tailoring financial education programs for family groups and individuals, facilitating family meetings, and helping families make decisions as a group. She shares the best practices and offers practical techniques gleaned from Bessemer’s work with multigenerational families.

Prior to that, Ms. Trammell led the marketing and communication program for Bessemer. In this role, she launched Bessemer’s next generation educational workshop and women’s wealth forums.

Prior to joining Bessemer in 2001, Ms. Trammell was Vice President of Marketing for the Private Wealth Management division of Goldman Sachs. In this role, she led the development of the marketing and communication plan for the firm’s first on-line wealth management offering.

Prior to that, Ms. Trammell served as Senior Account Director at BBDO Worldwide, overseeing the development and implementation of global advertising campaigns.

Ms. Trammell earned a B.S. in History and English from Colgate University.

Scott A. Winget

Scott A. Winget

Senior Managing Director,  Center for Wealth Impact, Ascent Private Capital Management

From the earliest years of his career, Scott has been a planner. Even at a young age, Scott was keeping a ledger to manage his own allowance money and to this day prides himself as the financial and social planner for trips and events with his friends and family.

Scott sees himself “organized and analytical” and takes great pride in helping families tackle complex financial situations with a mix of sophisticated planning and forensic sleuthing. “I find it very satisfying to take a detailed look at complex family arrangements and then to help families start to work together as a unit – setting aside old family dynamics and setting up new decision-making and wealth-transfer systems.”

Scott brings more than 20 years experience in the planning and financial-services industries to his position. Scott holds a J.D. from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law and graduated cum laude from The Ohio State University with a B.S.B.A. degree in accounting and finance. He also has several years of previous experience as a CPA in public accounting. Scott is a frequent lecturer on wealth planning and has authored a number of white papers and articles on wealth-management topics.

Martim de Arantes Oliveira

Martim de Arantes Oliveira

Regional Managing Director, San Francisco, Ascent Private Capital Management

With almost 20 years of financial services experience, nearly all of it serving clients with significant wealth, Martim has the credentials and passion to lead Ascent Private Capital Management’s regional office in San Francisco.  Applying his early experience as an analyst for a major financial institution and later a registered financial advisor in another large firm, in 2000 Martim founded his own wealth advisory firm in San Francisco.  A decade later, when he sold the firm it had grown to $400 million in assets under management.

“With more than a decade of experience helping families steward their wealth across generations, I appreciate the multifaceted needs of high net worth families.  I come from a family tradition of service, and I have devoted my career to working with clients on everything from family financial management and administration to family governance and philanthropic initiatives.”  

Martim earned his Bachelor’s degree from University College London and is an accredited Wealth Management Advisor and Portfolio Management Advisor.  He is multi-lingual, fluent in Portuguese and conversational in Italian, Spanish and French. 

Martim notes that his career has coincided with a number of global economic and financial crises that impacted clients.  “Each time one of these events occurred, I became increasingly aware that trust is the most critical ingredient of an enduring and sustainable client/advisor relationship.  We earn and retain our clients by demonstrating loyalty, integrity and intellectual rigor.”

Henry Hunte II

Henry Hunte II

Director and Family Council Chair, H.G. Fenton Group of Companies

Henry Fenton Hunte II is a fourth generation beneficial owner of the H. G. Fenton Group of Companies which owns and operates commercial and residential real estate in San Diego, California.   He serves on the Board of Directors and is the Family Council Chair where he works with the Director of Shareholder Affairs on issues such as Family Policies, Family Council Meetings, Strategic Planning, Estate Planning, and other family and ownership related matters. He previously worked in the family business in different departments including Quality Control, Dispatch, Service, and Technical Support in the aggregates business and as Assistant Asset Manager in the Residential Real Estate Portfolio. Henry is a licensed attorney in the State of California and received his J.D. from the University of San Diego. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, San Diego.  Henry is married and has an nine year old son.

Mark Haranzo

Mark Haranzo

Partner, Withers Bergman LLP

Mark Haranzo's practice at Withers Bergman is focused on domestic and international private client matters for affluent individuals and their families. He has more than twenty years experience in all aspects of estate and gift planning for individuals and families, many with complex multi-generational or multi-jurisdictional issues.  He regularly advises corporate and individual fiduciaries  and beneficiaries on all aspects of trust and estate administration.  He also represents clients in connection with disputes including Will and Trust contests, fiduciary appointments and contested accountings.

A former estate tax attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, Manhattan District, Mark has extensive experience handling tax audits of complex estates and substantial gifts.  He also counsels charitable organizations and advises individuals on philanthropic matters.

David Guin

David Guin

Partner, Withers Bergman LLP

David Guin leads the commercial practice group  of Withers Bergman in the US.  He focuses on securities law matters and has significant experience representing clients with regard to matters governed by the Securities Act, the Securities Exchange Act, the Investment Company Act, the Investment Advisors Act and the Commodity Exchange Act as well as the rules of various self-regulatory organizations and stock and commodity exchanges.

He devotes a significant amount of time to advising high net worth domestic and international individuals, families, family offices and their advisors about their obligations under U.S. securities laws, including the acquisition and disposition of public and private securities, beneficial ownership reporting obligations and the applicability of the U.S. Investment Advisers Act and U.S. Investment Company Act to their investment activities.

Shannon Zur

Shannon Zur

Family Office Director, Vogel Consulting

Shannon Zur is a Family Office Director for Vogel Consulting. For more than 15 years, she has worked as a certified public accountant and investment advisory representative, serving multigenerational families. As a Client Service Director, Shannon customizes comprehensive wealth management solutions for her client families. She integrates her process-oriented approach with her clients’ goals and implements tax, investment and estate planning solutions.
During her tenure at Vogel, Shannon has been instrumental in defining the firm’s workflow processes. She created the Strategic Operations Committee and currently manages Vogel’s investment operations. She has also held the titles of Investment Committee Co-Chair and Director of Practice Operations. 
Shannon began her career at M&I Northern Bank as an auditor. She joined Vogel Consulting in 1998 and through the years has worked to support, and now lead, many of the firm’s largest and most complex family relationships. Shannon graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in both accounting and finance. She is a member of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants and Wisconsin Institute of Certified Accountants.
Shannon is active in the Waukesha community as both a professional and a mother of two. She is a member of the Waukesha Noon Lioness Club, treasurer of the parent-teacher league and active in her church. A former competitive gymnast, she now enjoys judging local, state and regional gymnastics competitions.

JoAnne Norton, Ed.D.

JoAnne Norton, Ed.D.

Consultant, Family Business Consulting Group

Dr. JoAnne Frese Norton, a member of the prestigious Family Business Consulting Group, has been working with multi-generational family businesses for well over a decade primarily in the areas of family governance, communication, and leadership training. She is the former Vice President of Shareholder Relations for a large family-owned media company, where she worked with 65 family owners. She now consults with family business owners and family offices throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2001 Dr. Norton founded the Family Business Dynamics course at California State University, Fullerton and was an adjunct professor in the School of Business and Economics at CSUF for seven years. She continues to serve on the Advisory Board of the Cal State Fullerton Family Business Center, and she facilitates a Young Leaders Affinity Group.

Dr. Norton earned a doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University, and she trained at the Georgetown Family Center in the Postgraduate Program in Bowen Family Systems Theory. She has also written “Bringing Bowen Theory to Family Business,” which appears in Bringing Systems Thinking to Life.

Dr. Norton is a speaker for Vistage International, which provides training to CEOs and executives, and the Global Family Business Network of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

She has made presentations for the National Banking Institute, the New York Family Business Center, the Family Business Network in Cannes, France, and the Institute of Private Investors.

JoAnne grew up in a successful second-generation family business in the Midwest where she learned the complexities of maintaining harmonious relationships as well as the importance of maintaining good communication by observing her father, mother and two uncles. She lives in Irvine, California with her husband Brian.

Kathy McManus

Kathy McManus

Private Company Services, Diversity Leader, PwC

Kathy McManus is a Tax Partner in the Orange County Private Company Services practice and serves as the Diversity Leader. She has over 25 years of experience providing tax and business advice to private companies and their owners in a variety of industries including manufacturing and distribution, professional sports franchise and aerospace.

Kathy graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Masters of Accounting with a Tax Emphasis. Kathy on the Board of Couples Against Leukemia and is also a member of the American Institute Certified Public Accountants and the California Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Debbie Bing

Debbie Bing

Principal, CFAR

Debbie Bing is a member of CFAR’s next generation of leaders. She heads up CFAR’s Boston office and is a member of CFAR’s Board of Directors. She also co-leads the firm’s Family and Owner-Led Business practice group. Debbie’s specialty is helping family businesses and philanthropies create leadership, strategic, and continuity plans that bridge the interests of family, business (when an operating company is in the mix), and its owners, across generations. Debbie works with senior and next-generation family members to design governance structures and forums that engage family members, guided by shared goals for the entire family enterprise. Debbie views conflict as a useful starting point for a productive exchange about organizational priorities and performance. She helps business leaders and executive teams build collaborative approaches to their most pressing challenges, particularly when managing the multiple pressures of mission, performance, culture, competencies, and competition.

She is an experienced speaker and has presented to many owner-led and family business audiences, including the Family Firm Institute, the Council on Foundations Philanthropy Conference, and the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations (from which she won The Bridger Award in 2008 for her paper “Crowding Out the Space: The Weakness of a Strong Leader”). As a second-generation owner of CFAR, she draws on personal experience in working through the dilemmas of strategy and succession. Debbie holds a Master of Arts in International Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University.

Steven High

Steven High

Chairman, H.J. High Construction Company

In 1968 the founder of H. J. High, Harlem "Johnny" High, passed away and his son Steve High was appointed company president at the age of 24. During Steve's tenure the company grew and developed into a construction industry leader specializing in multi-million dollar projects complex in nature. Steve served as H. J. High's President from 1968-2006 and continues as Owner and Chairman of the company. His over 45 years of experience and responsibility for over $500 million in Florida projects makes him an invaluable asset. It is Steve's personal philosophy that a client's interest is best served through his personal involvement in the project.

Steve earned his BA from Stetson University, his MBA from Rollin College, and has participated in the Owner/President Management School at Harvard University.

Preston Root

Preston Root

President, Root Family Board of Directors

Preston Root is President of the Root Family Board of Directors, a position that has been continuously occupied by a family member for 110 years.

He is the great grandson of C.J. Root who founded Root Glass Company in Terre Haute, Indiana in 1901. Root Glass Company designed , patented and manufactured the original 6 1/2 ounce Coca-cola bottle in 1916.

Root Company relocated to Florida in 1950 and started to build what would become one of the largest independent bottlers of Coca - Cola in the United States. Preston has worked for the family business for 35 years in roles ranging from route sales to radio station manager.

In addition, he currently works for MRN Radio--"The Voice of NASCAR"--America's largest independent sports radio network, broadcasting NASCAR and Rolex Grand-Am races from all across North America.

Preston has served on the Board of Directors for the YMCA of Volusia County , Museum of Arts and Sciences of Daytona Beach and The Arc of Volusia and Flagler Counties. In 2010 Preston was named "Top Volunteer in the State of Florida" by The Arc. He also serves on Halifax Health Foundation.

Preston is a certified SCUBA instructor and an EMT. His interests include mountain biking and aviation.

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Transitions West 2014 is sponsored by Family Business Magazine, and is the only conference created for family companies, by family companies.

Who Should Attend

Attendance at this conference is strictly limited to owners, shareholders, family members and in-laws of 75 family businesses/enterprises. The conference is designed to facilitate conversation on important family issues among generations. There is special programming for family business members aged 15-29, and for those who have married-in to the family business.

The Transitions conference is for family companies and family offices of all sizes. At our last conference, approximately one third of attendees represented companies with revenues of under $25 million, one third of attendees had revenues of between $26 million and $300 million; and one third had revenues of over $300 million. And approximately a third of attendees were in the third generation or less; a third were in generations 4 and 5; and third were part of companies more than 6 generations old. What all attendees share is a desire to see their family enterprise grow successfully through generational transitions.

68% of attendees at Transitions are coming to the conference for the first time; 98.5% of attendees at our last conference say they'll attend again, and that they'd recommend the conference to other family members.

NOTE: All attendees will be vetted to ensure that they are family company leaders, members or shareholders. This event is only for family-run companies or enterprises. Senior advisers to family companies may attend ONLY with the family company they represent.

For further information, contact conference director David Shaw at (301) 963-6162 or by email.

Advisers to family companies may inquire about sponsorship opportunities. Contact Scott Chase at (301) 879-1613, or email

What Attendees Say About Transitions

"Incredible experience with more opportunities than possible to soak up. Such a unique conference!"

"I was hoping to get the family to raise questions and their awareness. I did not expect to actually walk away with a healthy to do list--things we need to change or do.  Thank you!"

"Incredibly informative, efficient, and the most well-organized and intentionally designed conference I've attended."

"Transitions was an eye-opening experience to help our family business create the appropriate ownership and succession structure for the business to thrive into the 6th generation."

"My goal was to raise awareness within the family of how we could bring governance to the business to make it stronger. I had been receiving resistance to the idea and the family left inspired to start a more formal family council structure and create mission and values statements. Goal accomplished!" 

"It was wonderful being able to relate to all these families going through similar issues.  I learned a great deal and will be able to bring this knowledge back to my fellow G3 cousins."

"Great conference, especially in generating NextGen interest and development."

"Very relevant information in settings that were non-threatening with easy and open discussions."

"Thanks again for hosting a fabulous conference. My dad and I really got a lot out of it, from thinking about governance structures to new insights into executive compensation. For me, more than anything else it was nice to be in a room full of people who think about their businesses from a 'long-term' perspective. It's awfully hard to build anything substantial when your perspective is limited to 5-7 years...I look forward to attending many future Transitions conferences!

"This is truly a conference 'created for family companies by family companies' and, once again, we enjoyed some great, honest presentations by some outstanding family business members, non-family executives and family business experts."

"Great forum for discussion, sharing and learning that can be applied to both our family and our business."

"I was overwhelmed by the value I received from this conference. You did a phenomenal job."

"Very good networking and very good speakers. I was glad to have experienced this conference."

"This was my first family business conference and I met a lot of good people and gained a lot of ideas I can bring back to my family's business."

"Transitions was very enlightening and gave a broader perspective of what others are facing and how they have overcome similar challenges to the ones we face."


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Our special group rate is $269 per night (plus taxes), and is available through October 21, 2014.

To reserve your rooms online, click here and use Group Code TRATRAG.  To reserve by phone, call 800-474-6501 and reference Transitions West.


Registration Information

Please Note: Attendance at this conference is limited to members, owners, senior executives (including non-family executives and non-family board members) or shareholders of family-owned businesses whose primary business is other than advising family-owned businesses. Senior advisers to family businesses may attend only with family members. Attendance is strictly limited to the first 75 family businesses/enterprises who register

Past attendees of any Transitions Conference, or alumni of Stetson University, receive an additional 10% discount on their registration fees.

All registrants receive a free one year subscription to Family Business Magazine ($79 value), or a one-year extension to their current subscription.  Subscriptions include free online access to Family Business Magazine's extensive online archive of articles, organized by topic. 

Click here to begin your registration.

Standard Pricing

Family Company Attendees
$1,750--First Attendee from your family company
$1,250--Each additional attendee (Age 30 and above)
$1,050--Each additional Next Generation attendee (age 29 or below)

All attendees will be verified prior to acceptance of registration. A family company's advisers may attend only if accompanied by one or more family company members. Other family company advisers may contact Scott Chase at (301) 879-1613 for information on attending. For general questions on attendance, please contact Justine Wood at (703) 850-5497.

Registration price includes all conference materials, as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner on November 13, breakfast and lunch on November 14, and a welcome reception with buffet dinner on November 12, as well as refreshment breaks.

Or contact:
Justine Wood
Program Manager
(703) 850-5497

Cancellation policy: All conference cancellations must be made in writing and sent to Justine Wood, Transitions Program Manager, 13631 Maidstone Lane, Potomac, MD 20854; faxed to (301) 987-0476 or emailed to Registrants who cancel more than four weeks prior to the program date are entitled to a full refund of the registration fee less an administrative fee of $150 per registrant; if canceled within four weeks, but more than one week prior to the conference date, 50% of the conference registration fee will be refunded less an administrative fee of $150 per registrant; within ten days of the conference date and no shows, no refund is possible. Family Business Magazine and Stetson Family Enterprise Center may cancel the program if attendance does not meet required levels; in case of cancellation or rescheduling, full refunds of registration fees will be made. Travel fares and hotel deposits cannot be reimbursed.

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  • Your Hosts

    Barbara SpectorBarbara Spector

    Barbara Spector, who grew up in a family business, has served on the editorial staff of Family Business Magazine since 2000 and has been the magazine's editor-in-chief since 2004. She has also compiled and edited six volumes in the acclaimed Family Business Handbook Series, most recently the all-new revised edition of The Family Business Succession Handbook. Previously, she was the managing editor of Jewelers' Circular Keystone, a trade magazine for the jewelry industry, which is primarily composed of family businesses.

    Caro RockCaro Rock

    Caro Rock is the publisher of Family Business Magazine, which is itself owned by a family company with interests in media and information technology research. She was the founder of Main Line Life, a weekly newspaper with 15,000 readers covering the western suburban communities of Philadelphia. She grew up in a family business that manufactured and sold flour under the labels Ceresota and Heckers Flour. The Uhlmann Company, formerly Standard Milling Company, also produced Wheatena and Maypo hot cereals, Patio Chef Charcoal and Just Add Water jelly mix. Today, her father and brother are involved in the family business, which has ventured into additional related businesses.


    Peter Begalla

    Peter Begalla is a family business owner, Family Business Magazine's Conference and Education Director, and Adjunct Professor with Stetson University's Family Enterprise Center. He is at the forefront of Next Generation Leadership Development, having helped hundreds of college-aged students establish credibility and marketability with their family, with their family businesses or with non-family employers. He combines years of counseling experience with over 10 years of business development and marketing experience in online education.


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