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Wal-Mart modifies tradition established by founder

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is modifying a tradition established by the company's founder, Sam Walton, in 1980. Greeters will move from store lobbies and instead will be stationed near the cash registers, according to a Bloomberg report.

"The move shows that Wal-Mart is rethinking many longstanding practices as it tries to boost profit margins and same-store sales," the article said.

Instead of greeting customers at the front of the store, the greeters will direct customers to products or shorter checkout lines. Jerome Allen, a greeter at a Wal-Mart in Fort Worth, Texas, and a member of Organization United for Respect at Walmart, told Bloomberg that under the new rules the greeters will perform some tasks formerly done by store associates in order to save on wages. A company spokesman told Bloomberg that the move is being made to improve customer service. (Source: Bloomberg, Jan. 27, 2012.)

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