Aaron Chin

CEO, Organika

Aaron Chin always knew that his path in life was to be an entrepreneur and run a company. The company his dad built from the ground up was ready for new leadership. Working alongside his brother, Jordan, Aaron prepared to take on his role as CEO. Since 2019, he has been shifting how consumers perceive wellness and made massive overhauls, putting innovation at the forefront. That coupled with a sincere passion for delivering high quality customer care has become Organika’s key differentiator.
It has led Organika to achieve uncapped market success and global growth, even amidst a pandemic. Armed with a master's in international business from France, an unprecedented drive, and an unclouded vision to help all Canadians live healthier, Aaron Chin is a true change-maker, an envelope-pushing entrepreneur making headlines in the health and wellness industry.
That path did not come without risk and prejudices. Being a young Asian entrepreneur in a market led typically by Caucasian CEOs in their 50s and up, there were moulds to be broken, including internally. Aaron proved himself by taking massive risks, changing 90% of management, an external rebrand and consolidated manufacturing.