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Whose Company is this Anyway?

Published February 1, 1990 Kevin McManus |

The family owners of Challenge Machinery almost lost control to outsiders. They won't let it happen again.


Why Can't Family Life Be More Like a Business Lunch?

Published February 1, 1990 Kenneth Kaye |



Power and Priorities

Published February 1, 1990 Carin Rubenstein |

Our 1,076 respondents divide according to generation—and gender—on questions of succession, equality of opportunity, and family politics.


Advice from a Smart Cookie

Published February 1, 1990 Chris Barnett |

Meet Ian Wilson, who can teach a thing or two to sellers and buyers of family businesses.


Facing the Music in a Divorce

Published February 1, 1990 Janet Bamford |

When there's a business in the family, a break-up that pits his appraiser against hers can lead to big problems. But there are steps to get around the worst of them.


Why Willing A Trust Beats Trusting A Will

Published February 1, 1990 Michael G. Goldstein |



They Know What They Like

Published January 30, 1989 Sandra Conn |

What does a family business look for when it buys art?


The Family Track

Published January 30, 1989 Sandra Pesmen |

For three generations a Carey has been surprised to find himself running an Illinois racecourse. And loving it.


The Family Foundation Makes A Comeback

Published January 1, 1989 Roger M. Williams |

You've done well; maybe it's time to do some good. Especially since the IRS has restored a number of tax advantages that make the foundation option attractive again. But you have to pick the right moment.


The Emerging Muscle of Family Control

Published January 1, 1989 Peter Davis |

News of deep financial troubles at Wang Labs last summer touched off a wave of speculation over why the company, built by entrepreneur An Wang in the Sixties, lost its way in the Eighties. After the b...


On Working in the Family Business

Published January 1, 1989 Carin Rubenstein |

Pleasures and Penalties, Hopes and Fears


A Checklist for Nonfamily Managers

Published January 1, 1989 Edwin T. Crego Jr. |

Business loyalty is not dead. It's just changed neighborhoods — from Fortune 1000 corporations to hundreds of thousands of family businesses.


Ruder Finn's Struggle with the N Word

Published January 1, 1989 Philip Perry |

David Finn never thought his children would want to go into the business he started in 1948 with his childhood friend, Bill Ruder. What's more, the 68-year-old executive always believed that nepotism ...


Masters of Disasters

Published January 1, 1989 Robert Charm |

A key player in the $1-billion Valdez cleanup, Marine Pollution Control is on a roll. In the last two years David Usher's company has seen a quantum increase in jobs, profits ... and family headaches.


What's Two Hundred Years Old and Runs Like Clockwork?

Published January 1, 1989 Barbara B. Buchholz |

The Bixler-family's jewelry business stays in touch with the time.


Parasites vs. Plunderers: A No-Win War

Published January 1, 1989 Gerald Le Van |

Whether Sallie Bingham was the heroine or the villain in the real-life family business melodrama of the year depends largely on one's point of view. As most of us know from the press reports of her st...


Paying Fair

Published January 1, 1989 Kenneth Kaye |

Salaries in a family business should be based on performance, not sentiment. When owners can't establish a rational compensation system for their kids, it's often a symptom of a company-wide — and a family-wide — problem.


How to Put Your Business into Print

Published January 1, 1989 James Bowman |

It is not uncommon for a big company that has been around for many years to commission a corporate history for the benefit of clients, shareholders, and future generations of managers and employees. F...