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What the Levys Learned from Disaster

Published April 1, 1990 Barbara B. Buchholz |

One of America's premier family-owned antiques firms split apart in the 1970s. Out of the wreckage was born a successful new father-son partnership.


Customer Service, Family Style

Published April 1, 1990 Howard Muson |

Everybody talks about the importance of service, but family companies may have an edge in providing it.


Why We Failed at Succession: A Son's View

Published April 1, 1990 James C. Farah |

There were plenty of signals. But sometimes you ignore them.


Why It's Better to Buy Out Than to Receive

Published April 1, 1990 Mike Cohn |

Estate planning


Daughters-In-Law: Navigating in Troubled Waters

Published April 1, 1990 Gerald Le Van |



Stock Wars: What's Behind the Feud at Campbell

Published April 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

The public seems to have an insatiable appetite for drama in the family lives of the rich and powerful. Perhaps as we read about the latest family feud among the privileged few, it gives us a feeling ...


Hammond Maps A New Course

Published April 1, 1990 Stephen J. Simurda |

Takeover attempts woke this 'nice little family company.' New blood, and high technology, will direct it into the nineties.


A Thinking Man's Outfit

Published April 1, 1990 Family Business |

As CEO of Levi Strauss & Co., Robert Haas presides over a multinational family-controlled company that is almost as well-known for caring about people as for its blue jeans. The company went publi...


The Hidden Side-Effects of Perk Addiction

Published March 1, 1990 Donald J. Jonovic |

Here's a pop quiz: Closely held companies are run for profit:( )Yes ( )No ( )It depends.If you guessed "It depends," you guessed right—it depends on what you mean by "profit." Is that new branch off...


Quality Time

Published March 1, 1990 Barbara B. Buchholz |

A family of artisans keeps its business independentthrough a devotion to craftsmanship — and to each other


Getting Off the Daughter Track

Published March 1, 1990 Jayne A. Pearl-Hommel |

The "Snow White Syndrome" keeps daughters who are inthe business from emerging as leaders. But times are changing.And so are daughters.


Keeping The Auditor From The Door

Published March 1, 1990 Stan Luxenberg |

Only a fraction of all businessesare audited each year. Some day, the tax man may come calling. But why call attention to yourself? There are ways to lower the odds that your business will be on the ...


Chip Off the Old Bloch

Published March 1, 1990 Stephan Wilkinson |

Henry Bloch built the world's biggest tax preparationcompany and took it public. His son Tom has just been namedpresident. But for the time being, at least when it comes to TVcommercials and takeover threats, Dad's still on the scene.


Hail to The Chiefs

Published March 1, 1990 Barbara Hollander |

When siblings run the company as equals, can they run together or are they bound to stumble?


Smart Campaigns: A Hard Sell in Family Firms

Published March 1, 1990 David Schiffer |

My company creates and places advertising for a number of small to medium-sized industrial firms. Since IBM and AT&T already have ad agencies, I look for clients in a tier that happens to be fille...


The Secret Weapon of Family Business

Published March 1, 1990 Gerald Le Van |

Once upon a time, Margaret and Jack made an unspoken agreement. Jack would be in charge of family thinking, and Margaret would be in charge of family feelings. Of course they never negotiated. They re...


When to Get Involved in a Family Conflict

Published March 1, 1990 Edwin T. Crego Jr. |

To most viewers, the family feuds depicted on TV shows, such as those among the Ewings of Dallas and the Carringtons of Dynasty, probably appear to be the stuff of pure fiction. But these dramatized s...


Artful Legacy

Published March 1, 1990 Stephen J. Simurda |

Bill and Terry Vose were not encouraged to take over the Boston gallery their family had run for 150 years. Today they're two of the country's leading private dealers.


The Toughest Deal I Ever Made

Published March 1, 1990 Nat Shulman |

Giving your son control of the business you've run for 30 years is hard enough, says the author. Letting him keep it is harder.


The Challenge of the Third Generation

Published March 1, 1990 Peter Davis |

"Three generations from shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves," Andrew Carnegie commented on the tendency of families to squander their wealth in a relatively short span of time. There's a message in that for ...