Book Recommendations

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Adam Bellow

Nepotism is one of those social habits we all claim to deplore in America; it offends our sense of fair play and our pride in living in a meritocracy. But somehow nepotism prevails; we all want to help our own and a quick glance around reveals any number of successful families whose sons and daughters have gone on to accomplish objectively great things, even if they got a little help from their parents.

Allan R. Cohen, Pramodita Sharma


Families are complicated; family businesses even more so. Like other companies, family-run enterprises must develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills. But they must also manage family dynamics that rarely mirror the best practices in the latest Harvard Business Review.

Allan Cohen and Pramodita Sharma, scholars with deep professional and personal roots in family businesses, show how enterprising families can transmit the hunger for excellence across generations. Using examples of firms that flourished and those that failed, they describe the practices that characterize entrepreneurial individuals, families, and organizations and offer pragmatic advice that can be tailored to your unique situation.

Andrew Keyt

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Ann M. Dugan, Sharon P. Crone, Kelly LeCouvie, Jennifer M. Pendergast, Denise H. Kenyon-Rouvinez and Amy M. Schuman

Through stories and interviews the authors explore the changing role women play in today's family business, looking at how to encourage and support women family members, to the challenges women face in finding the right balance between work and life, to the role spouses play in couples that work together.

B. Joseph White

With its vivid stories and conversational tone, Boards That Excel is like sitting down with an astute and experienced friend -- one who's passionate about what corporate and nonprofit boards can do when they set high aspirations, are clear on purpose, and do the right things in the right way. Author B. Joseph White offers a road-map for governance success based on his experience as a director of one of America's largest private companies and chair of the governance committee of a high-performing S&P 500 company. White also distills the vast body of governance research into the handful of insights directors really need to know, and he brings readers candid interviews with exceptional board chairs, CEOs and directors who spell out what it takes for boards and directors to excel.