Editorial Calendar 2022

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January/February 2022

Ad Reservations: December 3, 2021
Ad Materials Deadline: December 10, 2021
Mails: January 2022

Staying Relevant: How to Keep Your Company Relevant for Generations
• Values + Ethics
• Branding
• Succession

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Wealth Management Services I

March/April 2022

Ad Reservations: February 25, 2022
Ad Materials Deadline: March 4, 2022
Mails: March 2022

The Wealth Issue: It's Your Money, Don't Screw it Up
• Wealth + Money + Philanthropy
• Are Your Family Documents in Order?

Special Advertising Supplement:
Family Business Consultants
Bonus Distribution: Transitions Spring 2022

May/June 2022

Ad Reservations: April 22, 2022
Ad Materials Deadline: April 29, 2022
Mails: May  2022

The Storytelling Issue
• Overcoming Conflict
• Boards Behaving Badly
• Special Report: 10 Women to Watch

Special Advertising Supplement: Tax & Estate Planning Advisers
Bonus Distribution: The Private Company Governance Summit 2022

July/August 2022

Ad Reservations: June 17, 2022
Ad Materials Deadline: June 24, 2022
Mails: June 2022

The Entrepreneurship Issue
• How to Innovate in a Multigenerational Ecosystem
• Creating a Culture of Excellence Through Diversity & Inclusion
• Special Report: NextGens to Watch

Special Advertising Supplement: Business Valuation and M&A Consultants

September/October 2022

Ad Reservations: July 22, 2022
Ad Materials Deadline: July 29, 2022
Mails: August 2022

The Impact Issue
• The Power of Community, Local, National, Global
• ESG: How to Measure it's Impact
• Special Report: Family Businesses to Watch

Special Advertising Supplements:

• Wealth Management Services II
• Family Offices and Family Office Services

Bonus Distribution: Family Business Legacy & Wealth 2022

November/December 2022

Ad Reservations: September 20, 2022
Ad Materials Deadline: October 2, 2022
Mails: November 2022

The CEO Issue
• How is Your Leadership Impacting Your Business?
• Inside the Lives if CEOs, Boards, Families, Mentors
• Special Report: CEOs to Watch

Special Advertising Supplement:
Family Education Programs Philanthropy Services

Bonus Distribution: Transitions Fall 2022