ESOPs: A tax-efficient exit strategy

Is your company a good ESOP candidate?  Join UBS – The Buetel Wealth Management Group’s Senior Vice Presidents, Brian Charles Buetel, CPWA®, CEPA, CTFA and Cameron Buetel, CFP®, CEPA; Managing Director, UBS Private Wealth Management-The Capital ESOP Group, Nick J. Francia; and Family Business Magazine’s Publishing Director, David Shaw, to determine if this type of strategy aligns with your business’s specific goals and circumstances.

Thursday, June 29, 2023
2 PM ET | 11 AM PT
60 minutes

ESOPs, or Employee Stock Ownership Plans, can be utilized as an exit strategy for business owners looking to transition out of their companies. An ESOP allows employees to acquire ownership in the company through the allocation of company stock. By establishing an ESOP, a business owner can gradually transfer ownership to employees over time. This process enables the owner to sell a portion or all of their shares to the ESOP trust, thereby allowing employees to become beneficiaries of the trust and gain ownership rights as they vest in the plan. ESOPs can offer tax advantages for both the business owner and the company.

This webinar will address:

  • Pros and cons of ESOPs vs. other exit strategies
  • How an ESOP is implemented and maintained
  • How ESOPs offer flexibility to the family of owners and the tax advantages that ESOPs can provide
  • Employee productivity, involvement and retention benefit



Brian Charles Buetel, CPWA®, CEPA, CTFA

Senior Vice President, Private Wealth Management, UBS-The Buetel Wealth Management Group

Brian Buetel brings three-plus decades of financial-planning experience to The Buetel Wealth Management Group, which he founded upon joining UBS in 2016. His in-depth knowledge ranges from complex investment and estate planning to private-business succession and transition strategies.

“Ours is a multi-generational practice dedicated to transparency and the relentless pursuit of knowledge in all aspects of our advice and guidance,” “We specialize in families seeking to empower the next generation to preserve and grow family wealth, whether it’s attained through sale of a family business or transition of assets.”


Cameron Buetel, CFP®, CEPA

Senior Vice President, UBS-The Buetel Wealth Management Group

“Our goal is to achieve not just excellence in financial advice but to serve the ultra-High net worth individual, family and business owner. To help them in protecting and preserving  their legacy ,wealth and all the things that are important to them so they can grow and prosper for generations”.

 At The Buetel Wealth Management Group, Cameron and his father Brian address the needs of closely-held businesses, from tailored lending to investment banking services. They also provide customized financial planning to High Net Worth individuals and families.

“Our practice is truly multi-generational,” “We are currently working with the fourth generation of some clients’ families.


Nick J. Francia, CEPA

Managing Director, UBS Private Wealth Management-The Capital ESOP Group

Nick joined UBS in 2011. Prior to his tenure at UBS, he worked with high net worth individuals at a hedge fund in Greenwich, CT.

He is frequently asked to speak on a national level regarding employee stock ownership plans and §1042 rollovers. He is an associate member of the finance committee for the ESOP Association and a member of the National Center for Employee Ownership. Nick was also appointed vice president of Business Networking International in Washington, DC.


David Shaw

Publishing Director, Family Business Magazine

David Shaw is the publishing director of Family Business Magazine and its sister publication, Directors & Boards. With more than 30 years of experience in business-to-business and consumer media markets, he has served as an editor, publisher, publishing director, group publisher and group vice president of a variety of publications, trade shows, conferences and websites.
Prior to founding GRID Media, David served as senior vice president for Phillips Business Information Inc., where he oversaw nearly 100 discrete media properties, and helped build the business from $35 million to more than $100 million in annual revenues. He is a frequent author and speaker on issues related to business-to-business media, multi-generational family businesses and private and public company governance. He is married, with two grown children, one serving in the Navy and the other in law school.


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