The Family Business Leadership Handbook

Family Business Leadership Handbook
The Complete Resource for Improving Your Leadership Skills and Developing Leaders in Your Family and Business

The Family Business Leadership Handbook is specifically designed to help business owners unleash the power that strong leadership can bring to a family company. Its 164 pages cover the topic's complete range of issues: the nature of leadership, leadership in the business, leadership in the family, selecting the next leaders, developing leaders, different forms of leadership including sibling partnerships and cousin coalitions, leading the top management team, leading change in the organization, where leaders go for advice and support, and leadership and public image.

Introduction: Why leadership?

1. The nature of leadership
• What is new about leadership and what is old
• Four critical qualities people look for in their leaders
• Cultivating the next generation of leaders
• Realpolitik for the family business leader
• Building loyalty by encouraging participation
• Maintaining the leading edge

2. Leadership in the business
• Willard Marriott's passion for perfection
• Sam Walton succeeded by defying convention
• Recharging the business for market leadership
• Creating a new future out of a crisis

3. Leadership in the family
• Organizing the family to achieve its goals
• Creating forums for discontented shareholders
• Strong support of leadership through family councils
• Resolving the inevitable conflicts
• The power of the Chief Emotional Officer
• A leader's toughest task -- firing a relative
• Why families don't empower leaders

4. Selecting the next leaders
• A step-by-step guide to succession planning
• Identifying characteristics of great leadership

5. Developing leaders
• Articulating a code of conduct for young leaders
• Jim Henson's legacy of leadership to his children
• Raising your daughter to be the next CEO
• Setting an example by listening to your children
• How Earl Graves prepared his sons for leadership
• When your son or daughter is not cut out to be a leader
• The lure of a comfortable life can spoil successors

6. Case studies in taking charge
• Edgar Bronfman proves he's a leader
• Katharine Graham learns leadership on the job
• Tom Watson Jr. asserts his claim to leadership of IBM
• How two Starrs trained themselves to take charge

7. Different forms of leadership
• Decision-making by consensus at Nordstrom
• Making the husband-wife partnership work
• Strategies to make siblings a strong leadership team
• Learning to lead the cousin consortium

8. Leading the top management team
• Hiring non-family to help grow the company
• Empowering the non-family CEO
• Motivating the top non-family managers

9. Leading change in the organization
• Transforming the firm while preserving the family heritage
• Rediscovering the family farm as a model for change
• Steps leaders take to ease resistance to change
• How leaders reengineer the family firm

10. Where leaders go for advice and support
• Using a board to build your company
• Why leaders need the best available advice
• Good tips for choosing a consultant
• CEO forums: where leaders advise each other

11. Leadership and public image
• Leaders who boldly project the family into marketing
• How to build your company's reputation

12. Keeping your life in balance
• Thomas Watson Jr.'s big mistake in bringing home his frustrations
• The cure for leadership burnout


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