The Family Business Succession Handbook

The Family Business Succession Handbook
A Practical Guide to Succession Planning for the 21st Century

The original Family Business Succession Handbook, published in 1997, was so successful that every copy was sold. This completely revised edition, featuring up-to-the-minute content, serves as a critical guide to the many issues that arise when a family-owned firm looks to transfer leadership to the next generation. This all-new handbook includes advice from leading family business researchers and consultants as well as real-life family business leaders.

The Family Business Succession Handbook is an indispensable resource for family business owners. The information explores all aspects of the succession process — from initial planning through installing a well-prepared leader in the role of family business owner—as well as the many issues such a transition generates among all family members. The real-world experiences included in the profiles are invaluable."

—Dick Emens, Executive Director, Conway Family Business Center of Central Ohio

“The topics in The Family Business Succession Handbook cover a wide range of issues for many stages of corporate development. The handbook format is extremely user-friendly, as it is very easy for readers to find the situations they are interested in.”

—Larry Colin, Principal, Faminomic$ LLC, Alpharetta, GA; co-author of Family, Inc. and advisory board member, Stetson University Family Enterprise Center

1. Planning for the transition

  • The jigsaw puzzle of succession planning - Mike Cohn
  • Succession is one key to strategic renewal - Ellen Frankenberg
  • The family dramas of succession and inheritance - Dennis T. Jaffe
  • How to prepare your family for the succession process - Jane Hilburt-Davis
  • Education is key to succession preparedness - Ivan Lansberg
  • Succession logistics are not the main focus - Andrew Keyt
  • Financial implications for family business transition - Norbert E. Schwarz
  • Avoid the pitfalls of trust planning - Domingo P. Such III and Ryan M. Harding
  • Non-financial challenges for successors and stakeholders - Joe Paul and Sam Lane
  • Facing reality prevents nightmare scenarios - Henry C. Krasnow and Kay Vogt
  • Leadership development and succession execution - Fred G. Steingraber
  • Creating a plan for succession in the event of an emergency - Keith L. Alm

2. Choosing the successor

  • Making the right choice for a family successor - Dennis T. Jaffe
  • Don't pin all your hopes on one family successor - Barry S. Cain
  • Profile: Deciding for themselves - Margaret Steen
  • Family business daughters' leadership potential - Sharon Nelton
  • Can a non-family successor add value to your business? - James Olan Hutcheson
  • Profile: My son-in-law, the successor - Larry Hollar
  • What if the successor isn't working out? - Jane Hilburt-Davis

3. Learning to lead

  • The secrets of successful family business successors - Dean Fowler
  • Don't take the easy way out - James Olan Hutcheson
  • Family enterprise leaders need extra social skills - Fredda Herz Brown and Fran Lotery
  • Making the leap from doer to leader - Ivan Lansberg
  • Success without outside experience - Stan Luxenberg
  • Seniors and successors working together - Sharon Nelton
  • Profile: Finding my own path - David Weiss

4. Stepping up

  • Negotiating a rise to the top - Debbie Bing
  • Selling the business to the successors - Stan Luxenberg
  • Seniors: Proceed cautiously when advising successors - James E. Barrett
  • When the successors don't take charge - Aldonna R. Ambler
  • Managing the relationship with shareholders - Ivan Lansberg
  • Profile: Breaking the mold - Kristi P. Wetherington
  • Profile: Succession surprises - Sandra Westlund-Deenihan
  • Profile: Amid tragedy, reconstructing records - Kathryn Levy Feldman
  • Profile: Keeping the company on the right track - Julie Copeland
  • Profile: The gift of good-bye - Lynda Barness

5. Working as partners

  • Sibling partnerships involve insight and foresight - Ellen Frankenberg
  • Profile: Siblings carry on the Vanderbilt legacy - Jonathan Poston
  • Shared power: Look out for landmines - James E. Barrett
  • Blood is not enough - Joe Paul
  • Cousin collaborations require a change in board design - John L. Ward
  • The challenges of a large shareholder group - David Klett and Ralph Wiechers
  • Keeping titles in their proper perspective - Ivan Lansberg
  • Leading the family - Sharon Nelton


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