Ralph Brennan's core values

By Jason Meyers

Ralph Brennan’s 5 Core Values (in his own words)

1. Personal & Professional Growth

“I want our team to be better a year from now than they are today. As they grow individually, we grow as a company.”

2. Community & Social Responsibility

“My family has been very lucky, and we give back as much as we can — not always financially, sometimes more in time and effort, because money's usually always tight.”

3. Guest Service Above All Else

“I stole a line from one of my managers of my restaurant in California: ‘The answer to the question is yes. Now what’s the question?’ We live it every day.”

4. Honesty & Integrity

“The golden rule: do unto others. The way we treat our staff is how they treat our guests. And I don't mean just the front of the house — I mean everybody.”

5. Innovation & Change

“You have to come up with new ideas and try new things so you don't stagnate.”


July/August 2021

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